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Scientific Podcast Goes Boink

Ep. 184: Everybody Shut Up, Me and Everybody Else

We're real angry about stuff this week. Sorry for all the yelling.

Episode 183: This Time It's A Civil War

We talk about (and spoil) "Civil War!" And talk about the tyranny of Lyft and Uber!

Episode 182: You Only Have One Name

Some important podcast news and talk of intentions. Plus, catching up on Thor 2 and Jessica Jones.

Episode 181: It's A Real Bad Movie

It finally happened. Here's us talking about Batman v Superman.

Episode 180: On A Scale Of Zero To Woke

Herein, we spoil "Zootopia" and Season 2 of "Daredevil." You have been warned.

Ep. 179: You Know How Much Darth Loves To Dance

Bill went to the doctor and ran a 5K. We also try to figure out how to get through your mid-20s.

Episode 178: How Do You Assault A Horse?

We open up the request line once again. Everyone loves this stuff.

Episode 177: I Don't Particularly Care For Morrissey

We answer some listener emails, share thoughts on Muppets and talk about a possibly dirty word.

Episode 176: The Toughest Private Dick In Town

This one is about sandwich-makers being too nice and some pornography. Hey, you know what you signed up for.

Episode 175: You're Three Proseccos Deep

Harry Potter and Cosmopolitan magazine. They go together like Hi-C and Turkey!

Episode 174: Mitt Has 3 Friends And 2 Are A Rat

We talk almost entirely about politics on this one. Sorry, everybody.

Ep. 173: Where Did The First Retching Take Place

We discuss the feature film "Deadpool." Here there be spoilers, throughout.

Episode 172: Well, That Was A Waste

We got up real early to make you this podcast. We hope you enjoy it.

Episode 171: A Very Particular Thrill

Yeah, we talk about wrestling a little bit on this one. But don't hold that against us.

Ep. 170: Disparaging Krispy Kreme I Can Get Behind

Is there an alternate version of you that is better off? We consider the multiverse. And also donuts.

Episode 169: How Many Showers Kanye Has Had

Kanye West says he doesn't like butt stuff. BUT MAYBE HE DOES?!

Episode 168: You Think About Mr. Rogers A Lot

A frank and earnest discussion about Mr. Rogers, Carl Rogers, and what they taught us.

Ep. 167: Can I Digress Into Ghostface For A Minute

Our 2015 music year in review. Spoilers: we didn't listen to music in 2015.

Episode 166: To Thine Own Bias Be Confirmed

Is "The Hateful Eight" good or garbage? The answer might be "both!"

Episode 165: Wall-To-Wall Gungan Action

Can you even BELIEVE how many Jar-Jars were in Episode VII? Whew! Let's discuss the whole dang movie right here!

Episode 164: I Can Pronounce Anything

We're both sick. So it's time to talk about juice cleanses, diets and our poor, broken-down bodies.

Episode 163: It's Not As Good As Club 34

Pete gets into one of the world's most exclusive country clubs. (It's at Disneyland.)

Episode 162: Our Most Genocidal Holiday

Thanksgiving at Disneyland, a trip to Costco and a war in the stars. It's been quite a week.

Episode 161: Pit First Language, Please

Let's talk about what we were like when we were kids!

Episode 160: Esta Malita Del Corazón

Bill went for a run and Pete launched Banda Week. We've been busy!

Episode 159: Maybe He'll Let Me Touch A Muppet

Let's get to know each other, via Pete's patented icebreakers.

Episode 158: Any Sexy Thing You Can Conceive Of

It's our post-Halloween SPOOKTACULARRRRR. Also, an elegy for Grantland.

Episode 157: Plus He Ruined The Drapes

On this episode: meditation, mindfulness, penises and representation. Something for everyone!

Episode 156: The Fault Is Not In Our Snitches

We muse about Twitter snitches and the related subject of call-out culture. Also, Pete has a very special day.

Episode 155: Hydration Is Important In All Facets

Drunken Magic playing, opening the request line and reading an open letter to Juggalos. It's a full week.

Episode 154: He Wanted The D, D For Disneyland

Shippin' up to Gay Days at Disneyland!

Episode 153: Chock Full 'o Gnats

We don't like "New Yorker" cartoons. To celebrate our disdain, allow us to read a bunch of "New Yorker" cartoons to you.