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Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Episode 162: Our Most Genocidal Holiday

Thanksgiving at Disneyland, a trip to Costco and a war in the stars. It's been quite a week.

Mat Szwajkos/Getty Images

On this week's episode:

0:00 - 3:25 Costco!
3:25 - 11:35 Thanksgiving at Disneyland and Star Tours' howling continuity error
11:35 - 17:40 Bill vs. Tamales
17:40 - 22:20 How to order drinks without sounding like an asshole
22:20 - 27:10 More from Thanksgiving at Disneyland
27:10 - 35:30 What song plays as you die?
35:30 - 43:20 Thoughts on the upcoming Star Wars
43:20 - 49:20 Bill's Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving opinionz and Vegas Seafood
49: 20 - close The Matterhorn Macaroon and the food politics of Disneyland

For your full enjoyment, links to things discussed on the podcast:

The Disneyland Thanksgiving spread
The New Yorker on Col. Sanders, 1970