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Progressive Boink's Week In Review: July 9th-13th.

This week, our very own Bill Hanstock celebrated his birthday! He's like 50 or whatever, I dunno. Send him an e-card with a horny old lady on it, why don't ya! This is the other stuff that happened:

In Defense Of The Stupid, Uninformed Opinion. Emily came to the defense of social media noise in the Information Age, because maybe people at least being exposed to information, whether they fully understand it or not, is preferable to the alternative.

Survey Results: We Paid $5 Or So For Radiohead's 'In Rainbows,' And We're Cool With It. Jon revealed the results of his earlier survey polling folks on how much they paid for Hoobastank's "For(N)ever." Or maybe it was Radiohead's "In Rainbows." Can't remember LOL!

Weird Advertising: Lady Antebellum & Lipton Iced Tea. Bill taught us about tastewater and the joys of the "THIS IS MY FIRST TIME ACTIN Y'ALL" line delivery in an exploration of dumbass corporate synergy between corporate tea and corporate country music. Corporations!

Make Time For An Old Friend: 'Truth Or Dare.' Jon wroNYYAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOWWWW

Grown Adults Crying About Food: The 15 Bestworst Moments Of MasterChef. Jon counted down the 15 most MasterChef moments on MasterChef. Many faloots were involved.

'Tour de France' Is French For 'Tour Of France': A Guide To Bike Racing. Pete explained the nuances of professional cycling. The main nuance is how they piss everywhere.

'Leverage,' And The Phenomenon Of The TV Show You Will Never, Ever See Or Think About. Kyle defied readers to prove that TV shows like "Leverage" and movies like those found in the filmography of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson actually exist. There is as yet no indication that they in fact do.

COUCH. Jon counted the very last couch in the universe, for sure this time. There cannot possibly be any more couches left to count.

AFL: The Top 13 Not-So-Great Jack Kirby Characters With Awesome Names. B ranked the top 13 most underwhelming Jack Kirby names for comic book creations, including Brute That Walks; X, The Thing That Lived; It!; and Thing Called It. Very cool names, Jack Kirby. Very creative.