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Make Time For An Old Friend: 'Truth Or Dare.'

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Presenting another installment of "Make Time For An Old Friend," which is our way of showing some of the best/worst/strangest things on the Internet that you may never have seen.

Everything Is Terrible! might actually be my favorite blog on the entire Internet. These folks acquire old VHS tapes of strange and/or awful movies, instructional videos, commercials, etc., that would otherwise be completely lost to history, then edit and upload them for Internet consumption. The blog's archives figure to keep you entertained for days -- the tag for "Internet" alone is especially recommended viewing -- but there is one of their works in particular, I think, that stands alone as the most noteworthy.

There isn't any nudity or what have you, but still, don't watch this at work. People will think you are weird.

The full name of this film is Truth Or Dare: A Critical Madness. It's a monumentally strange horror movie that features passionate overacting from the lead role, unbelievably awful acting from everyone else, and a $250,000 budget, which is sort of difficult to believe.

Unexpected development: the scene in the mental hospital with the old man is actually disturbing in the way it was intended to be disturbing. That, thankfully, does not last long: the "nyahhh fuck you" kick at 3:04, a mace to an old lady's neck, and the mustachioed gentleman delivering the NYAAAOOWWW line make sure of that.

The ballad at the end, to me, actually sort of morphs this whole thing into a meta-horror flick, in that it's more creepy to imagine how and why this movie was produced. Whether this is stranger than last week's entry, Fred and Sharon's "Peace or War," is a call I'll leave up to you.


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