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IMPORTANT SURVEY: How Much Did You Pay For Radiohead's 'In Rainbows'?

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It's now been almost five years since Radiohead released In Rainbows. Everyone's favorite music-sport, including mine, is to try to rank each Radiohead in order of how much I love them. Personally speaking, it's totally a fool's errand, since my ranking changes on a regular basis.

So let's just say this: In Rainbows was tremendous. Really, really great. I'm listening to "Weird Fishes" now, just remembering how much I listened to it in 2007, and how much I ought to be listening to it in 2012.

It was historic, of course, for another reason: Radiohead simply put the album online and said, "pay us whatever you want to pay us for this." You could have paid $10, or $25, or $843, or ... $0. If you wanted to pay nothing and have it for free, you could have it for free.

That was incredible. I hope they try it again sometime. But I'm curious: how much did we pay for it? In pursuit of this answer, I've set up a survey in Google Docs. What price did you pay? How much did you end up liking the album? Did you pirate the album regardless?

To answer these questions, please follow this link and complete a short-ish, seven-question survey. It's totally anonymous, don't worry. Once I've collected enough data, I'll crunch it and graph it up and all that shit, and we can all figure out how much we really paid Radiohead for their album.

This should be neat! Thanks, y'all!