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Progressive Boink's Week In Review: July 23rd-27th.

Jon took a break from his couch census this week to write about dancing horses or whatever for his "real job." Yawn! What a jabroni! Otherwise, we stayed busy by bringing you the following:

Hey Guys, Let's Maybe Not Be Totally Gross. Kyle wrote about the super gross reaction to the Aurora theater shooting of the week before, a reaction that consisted primarily of drawing anime Batman crying and trying to exacerbate survivors' PTSD.

Weird Advertising: Blue Tax. Bill presented a new installment in his Weird Advertising feature. This time, it was a commercial for "Blue Tax," featuring the shittiest special effects since Shark Attack 3: Megalodon.

Revisiting The RadioShack Product Catalog, Part 2. Jon returned to the 2002 RadioShack product catalog to tell us about his time as an employee and master TI-83 programmer (graphing calculator term).

Everyone's Unfinished Screenplay: Intergalactic High Noon. Bill embarrassed you, the person who is reading this right this very second, by sharing with the whole Internet your unfinished screenplay, a heart-pounding sci-fi western in no way derivative of Blade Runner. Space-guns! Space-bucks! Space-dumpsters!

Let's Play A Game: Your Best Hypothetical Late-Era Simpsons Synopsis. Kyle summarized a bunch of non-existent late-era episodes of "The Simpsons." Featuring guest stars Jeremy Lin, Kristen Stewart, Internet sensation "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy," and Hillary Clinton.

AFL: The 15 Greatest Characters In 'Magnolia.' Bill stepped in to take the reins of B's Arbitrary Friday List feature, running down the best characters in the movie Magnolia. brb declaring fatwa on him for leaving out "I DON'T EVEN KNOW NO LOUD CRASH" lady