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Progressive Boink's Week In Review: June 25th-29th.

Welp, the new incarnation of Progressive Boink has been rolling for about five weeks now, and I just want to get Super Serious for a second. Thanks for reading us, guys. We've been having tons of fun, celebrating things we love and (more often) bagging on things we hate in ways we find new and interesting.

But it wouldn't be half as fun if y'all didn't show up. You have, whether it's in the comments, or on Twitter/Facebook to pass around stuff you enjoyed. Seriously, thank you. We hope things only continue to get more fun as time goes on.

ANYWAY! Here are the things we did this week, if you missed any:

Meet "Guy On The Internet," Champion Of The Dullards. Jon, on Internet misogyny as the trademark of the mediocre and boring.

The Search For The Most Unintentionally Funny Twitter Account: Will Fetters. Will Fetters is a nice enough guy whose script ended up as a God-awful 9/11 movie. Kyle takes a look at the excitement, and eventual disappointment, that's burned forever into his abandoned Twitter account.

How Much Did You Pay For Radiohead's 'In Rainbows'? Radiohead's seventh studio album was released around five years ago, and in a famously unconventional format. We're curious: how much did you choose to pay for it? Did you get your money's worth? And do you think you were fair to Radiohead?

The Wire Of Intrigue: Season Four. Kyle's gripping, and 100 percent factually accurate, retrospective on The Wire continues. "They're teacher was Mr. Presbaterian, a kindly old soul who was once a police cop who got fired for tripping and dropping his gun in the sewer. 'Whoa!' he said at the time. 'Whoa! Hot gun! Got a hot gun!' A rat took his gun, and that was the end of that."

Band-Themed Restaurants: Anatomy Of A Joke. Bill got the ball rolling on a pun contest. And ... damn, nearing 100 comments on that one.

10 MORE Pranks That Will Spice Up Your Relationship. Fox News Magazine wrote an unequivocally absurd list of purportedly romantic pranks to play on your significant other. In that same vein, here's Kyle with 10 more awful tips for completely destroying your marriage.

Couches. Jon is an idiot.

The 16 Worst Names In The Holy Bible. In this week's Arbitrary Friday List, B -- who probably knows more about the Bible than the rest of us put together -- reflects on Gad, Dodo, On, and all the other worst names from the Word full of God.