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Band-Themed Restaurants: Anatomy Of A Joke.

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A few days ago, I was bored and thought of a dumb joke. Generally, my jokes go in one of a few places:

1. Right here, in this very website

2. Into an SB Nation employee chat room, which my higher-ups and editors totally appreciate at all times

3. Muttered aloud to a television or empty room

4. Muttered aloud to a cat

5. Directly onto my Twitter account

This joke ended up being a Twitter joke. Not just a normal joke, but a pun involving music and food. My love for food is well documented, as is my affinity for music. And I think if you've seen Progressive Boink -- like, at all -- you know how well we enjoy puns. So I posted the following joke:

Immediately after I sent this tweet, a tiny door opened inside my brain and a million other jokes in the same structure poured out. Some of the jokes were extremely well received. Others were not. But they can't all be winners. Much funnier people than me also got into the act. A good time was had by all.

The point here is that the structure of the joke is the gift that keeps on giving. Here, check it out:

- Gonna open up an Ugly Kid Joe restaurant called I Hate Everything About Stew

- Gonna open up a Neil Young themed bakery called Heart of Rolls

- Gonna open up a Winger themed deep-fried fair booth called Breaded for a Heartbreak

- Gonna open up a Dio themed Mexican restaurant called Guacamole Diver

- Gonna open up a Led Zeppelin themed grill called D'yer Steak'er

I think you know what to do.