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Progressive Boink's Week In Review: July 2nd-6th.

This was a big week for Progressive Boink. We all got married in one big communal wedding! Guess we forgot to mention that we are all polyamorous neo-pagans. Psych! But Jon's "Guy on the Internet" essay from the other week challenging mindless Internet misogyny did get picked up by Jezebel. That was pretty neat! Here's what else happened:

Make Time For An Old Friend: Fred And Sharon's 'Peace Or War.' Jon made us all feel super weird by sharing the oddest video you've ever seen in your life. We're going to the mall to buy a TV / Maybe a dress or suit [unintelligible] / Peace is good.

The Dugout: You Gotta Keep Jim Thome Way Down In The Hole, Part 1. B brought us part one of a two-part Dugout that carried over to his lair on With Leather. Jim Thome prepares to move to Baltimore, which turns out to be similar to the hit television show "The Wire"! Gonna have to give B a demerit, though, for not having Thome talk about "SNOTTED BOOGER."

The Trouble With Aaron Sorkin. Kyle wrote a Serious Essay about the problem with Aaron Sorkin, which is bigger than the speed of his quips. Read it if you like Aaron Sorkin, or read it if you hate him! We don't care.

We took Wednesday off for the 4th of July. USA! USA! USA! (I'm referring of course to the USA Network, home of such fine programming as "Pacific Blue" and "Silk Stalkings.")

Weird Advertising: Carfax. Bill took on the brilliant ad campaign behind the Carfax fox, which in no way is just a two-bit ripoff of the Geico gecko. We all have fax machines here, right?

The Wire Of Intrigue: Season Five. Kyle brought us the thrilling conclusion of the Wire of Intrigue saga, as our hero Jamie McNutty took on corrumpted [sic] reporter Temple Grandin.

Couch. Jon "couchnted" (couch pun) a couch.

AFL: The 15 Worst Fighters In The 1988 'Bloodsport' Kumite. B ran down the really bad fighters in the movie Bloodsport. Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good! Or no, just bad meaning bad.