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Progressive Boink's Week in Review.

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This week saw the original "40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings" return to the number one spot in a Google search for Rob Liefeld. God bless us, every one. Here's what else happened:

The End of Elec-SNORE-al Politics: Voting Through The Multiverse. Pete traversed across dimensions to expose the various ways elections are determined throughout the multiverse. Contrary to popular belief, writing fan fiction is not a criterion for becoming a presidential candidate in our own reality, but rather on Earth-17a.

The Most Ominous Possible Objects To Be Found Out By The Garbage And Marked For Bedbug Infestation. Jon ran down the most horrifying bedbug habitats you can stumble over on the sidewalk. I don't see a single thing unusual about an evidently sentient Teddy Ruxpin crawling with bedbugs. D+.

'And Then Teddy Roosevelt Fights A DINOSAUR': Further Adventures In Presidential Swashbuckling. Emily took us into the minds of the people who brought you Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Chester A. Arthur in The Lost City of Atlantis, produced by Tim Burton and directed by some Soviet bloc resident with an unpronouncable name, hitting theaters summer 2013.

One Thousand Drops of Rain. Kyle exposed (lol) us to the most erotic coin trick the world has ever known, in a sneak peek at the first chapter of his titillating debut novel.

The Two Guys Not Wearing 'One Thunder' Shirts Meet In The Concessions Line: A One-Act Play. Jon trotted out that old icebreaker we've all heard a million times before, "Hey, my shirt is machine-washable. Isn't that great? It's 100 percent cotton. What's your opinion on it being 100 percent cotton? Mine is that it's good."

The Wire Of Intrigue: Season Two. Wire Wednesday returned, as Kyle brought us the wild and wooly [sic] tale of Ernest Dockguy facing off against arch-nemesis The Geek.

40 MORE Of The Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings. B and Hanstock returned to one of Progressive Boink's most popular features ever, detailing exactly what is wrong with Rob Liefeld, who has made history by both being perpetually 13 years old despite being born in 1967 and being stranded in 1993 seemingly for all time. Also he can't draw for shit! He gets paid millions of dollars to do the one thing he's terrible at! Great!

MORE COUC. Jon couch. Couch Bois.

AFL: 13 Dumbest Haircuts Ernest Got From His Deaf Barber On 'Hey Vern, It's Ernest!' In the second installment of the Arbitrary Friday List, B chronicled 13 increasingly implausible mishearings of the phrase "Wall Street tycoon" that all led inexorably to Ernest P. Worrell bugging out his eyes, shaping his mouth into a trapezoid, and going, "EEWWWWWW!!!"