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Couch Census, June 15th Update: Some Thoughts On Upstairs Couches.

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Hello, friends! It appears as though I have egg on my face again. Last Friday I announced that we had counted a total of 352 couches, and reckoned this tally to be complete. Unfortunately -- or, rather, fortunately! -- there are even more. Once again, you stepped up to the plate and offered reports of couches all across the land.

As such, I must update the tally.


Interestingly, over the last week we have counted exactly 101 more couches, including at least one with a reclining backside (!).

I have decided, at least for a time, to make my data public. Please access this Google spreadsheet to view the full record. Please feel free to crunch the data however you see fit, and if you spot any errors in the record, please, PLEASE let me know. A faulty census is no census at all.

Lastly, I was curious about the Upstairs Couch Phenomenon. How does a couch come to exist upstairs? They tend to be heavy, so they must be up there for good reason. Some of you responded:

I have previously moved friends’ couches upstairs in return for just a six-pack of beer

- Internet subscriber rustyspatula

This appears to be the going rate for elevated couch relocation.

We finished our attic and it needed a couch. I think we had a furniture professional dissassemble it, take it up the stairs and reassemble it in the attic. It is up there for good, so if you buy my house, it will come with a pullout couch.

- Internet subscriber smk73

This is a phenomenon I expected to hear about: the Permanent Couch Phenomenon. In other words, the couch that may as well be a building fixture. For one reason or another, it will never move. If you're aware of such a couch -- for example, if you moved into an apartment that features a couch that you yourself do not intend to take with you whenever you move out -- I would love to hear about it!

We decided to use the upstairs bedroom as a second living room or perhaps a family room, but one cannot live or be a family without a couch, so, my couch had to journey upwards to fill the void of this room. The stairs would not wield such a couch, though, so the movers had to be creative to make this an Upstairs Couch. I have video of the couch’s adventure, but I will have to dig it up. To be continued…

- Internet subscriber Wes

Please let us know when you have retrieved video. Our first couch video! How exciting!

That will do it, friends. I am reasonably certain that we have now counted every couch in the entire world. But if you are aware of any other couches and wish to embarrass me further, please leave a comment describing where you saw the couch, as well as any other information you deem pertinent. I wish you safe and happy couching!

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