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Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Episode 135: I Should Be In Charge Of Everyone

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If you started a cult, what would it look like? Also, we acknowledge an important anniversary.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

What if you started a cult? You could do it, you know. We believe in you. Pete and Bill discuss the particulars of cults, as well as break down the new The Muppets trailer and our expectations for the upcoming series.

For your full enjoyment, links to things discussed on the podcast:

Kermit the Frog Believes In You
Jim Henson Memorial Week at Tough Pigs
Jim Henson memorial service
The Muppets trailer
- The Muppets creator interview
- A Scientology front Craigslist post, in example
Danny Masterson's defense of Scientology
- Marvel's Anti-Priest, in illustration
Misogynists super upset about Mad Max