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Scientific Progress Goes Boink, Episode 86: The T-Rex Needs Wheels

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We've opened up our request line once again. No sports, just dinosaur talk.

Denis Poroy

It's time to open up the Twitter request line! This week, Pete and Bill field questions on such diverse topics as dinosaurs with wheels, dinosaurs without wheels, attractive Crimean attorneys general and Disneyland.

For your full enjoyment, links to things discussed on the podcast:

The Voyager's greetings
- Dino Riders, in illustration
- "Meanwhile, back at the wrench ... "
- Natalia Poklonskaya and associated terrible art, in illustration
Gouging (fighting style)
- The black and white cookie, which is in fact more of a cake
- The complexities of archaeopteryx in the evolutionary record
- "The one without the gannet."
Paige Williams in The New Yorker on dinosaur bones
A Pog Blog
Vice Magazine on Disneyland social clubs
OC Weekly on same
The Top 50 Disney Attractions