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Scientific Progress Goes Boink, Episode 84: Not Gonna App Our Way Out Of This One

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Did you know that everything is signalling? Because it is.

We went ahead and got philosophical/existential on this one. Sorry, everyone. We discuss signalling theory at length, asking ourselves why we like the things we like and whether there is an authentic self. Then, to lighten the mood, we discuss racism, tarring and feathering, being run out of town on a rail and whether Irish people can buy drugs.

For your full enjoyment, links to things discussed on the podcast:

Signalling via Wikipedia
- Wisin ft. Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin, "Adrenalina"
- Yandel ft. Daddy Yankee, "Moviendo Caderas"
On motivated reasoning
Deadspin's rundown of Donald Sterlin's history
- Andrew Sullivan on liberal intolerance of intolerance
- This American Life: Tarred and Feathered
An app to measure your carbon footprint