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It happens once a year. We're really sorry about that.

this is a metaphor
this is a metaphor
Sean Gardner

Last year, the Internet and our colons shook with the advent of the inaugural DORITOS LOCOS THROWDOWN OH-TWELVE. Or, as is more commonly spoken aloud, the #DoLoThroDo. Here was last year's set-up. Sodium was consumed. Here was the brutal aftermath.

It is officially fall now, so it must be that time again. On Saturday, September 28, we gather once again to consume tacos. And consume them with aplomb. (You may also choose to consume them with a plum, but that is a weird and amateur move.) We shall gather on Twitter; on Vine; via Google Hangout; on Instagram; in comments sections. And we shall sup of the nectar of the Doritos Locos Taco.

If you need a refresher, here are the rules:

- Eat as many Doritos Locos tacos as you can in one hour; provide proof

That's it!

Well, okay, there's SLIGHTLY more to it than that. There is a window of time during which your hour of tacos must be consumed. (Between 4 p.m. ET and 3 a.m. ET.) There's also the issue of THREE different types of DoLo this year (as opposed to just one last year).

But fear not! On Friday, we will have a full preview on SB Nation, which will include the officially-sanctioned comment section for boasting, posting and the issuing forth of regrets. On Saturday ... WE DINE.