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It all started simple enough:

That tweet blossomed into a germ of an idea, which in turn blossomed into the inaugural DORITOS LOCOS THROWDOWN OH-TWELVE, which will take place on Saturday night. We would like as many people as possible to participate and we will have at least TWO Progressive Boink staffers taking part. Here are the particulars:


When: Saturday, September 8, from 7 p.m. ET - 3 a.m. ET

Where: The Internet

Hashtag: #DoLoThroDo12

Huh?: Eat as many Doritos Locos tacos as you can in one hour; provide proof.

More Detail: Okay so here's the deal: we're all going to use the magic of Twitter (AND THIS COMMENTS SECTION) to celebrate the absurdity of the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco, which as you may know is a taco made out of "Doritos" (not really). It basically tastes like a regular taco, but with a hint of 'Ritos dust. The point is that it's stupid and here in America, we always do "stupidity" to excess.

The reason the contest takes place so late is to really embrace the Taco Bell concept of "FOURTHMEAL" so make sure you have three squares before embarking on this dumb thing (optional).

It's pretty simple, really. Eat as many DsLT as you can, livetweet it with the appropriate hashtag and provide PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF of how many tacos you have consumed, along with your final tally, on Twitter. The winner will be announced by me (@SundownMotel) on Sunday morning (during football!). Just for the record, I'm setting the initial "chump line" (the taco equivalent of the Mendoza Line) at four tacos.

Best of luck to everyone and eat a bunch of tacos!

You can expect a moratorium from myself and the esteemed Peter Holby after the weekend right here on the old Progressive Boink.