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The Most Watchable Movie Ever Bracket, Day Three: Miscellaneous.

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Voting for round one of the Most Watchable Movie Ever bracket ends today. There's still time to get in your votes for the action and comedy conferences, so cast your ballots for those if you haven't already.


The final conference is called None of the Above, though you'll note that most of the films therein do in fact contain at least some elements from all other brackets—Dazed & Confused could have made the comedy conference on a different day, for example, while the genre distinction between, say, adventure entrant Ocean's 11 and "none of the above" nominee The Sting is razor-thin. Ultimately, qualification for this conference came down to either truly not fitting any of the other categories (as in the case of coming-of-age movie Almost Famous) or just not being quite the right fit for any other conference.

So with all that out of the way, let's get to voting. Each film in this conference will be accompanied by your mom's commentary to your dad as she picks up each movie's DVD case at the video store. Voting for this conference will close at 5pm EST, September 23. Feel free to discuss your selections in the comments section below. Comments have been disabled on the ballot pages in order to keep discussion confined to one place.

To quote top seed GoodFellas, "My name is Joe Pesci. Vote for the movies." Let's go!