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The Most Watchable Movie Ever Bracket, Day Two: The Action Movies.

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The tournament continues. Yesterday saw the launch of the first round of voting in Progressive Boink's Most Watchable Movie Ever bracket. Voting for the Sam Raimi Conference, consisting of a flung-together mix of adventure and horror films, remains open until the 5pm EST tomorrow, September 20, so make your way over to that post to cast your ballots if you haven't already. Here, again, is the complete bracket as things stand at the start of the tournament:


Today marks the second day of round-one voting, with titles competing the Tony Scott Memorial Conference, marked by explosion-heavy movies with high Nicolas Cage-to-normal-human-being ratios. Each film in this conference will be accompanied by a recap courtesy of your eight-year-old nephew. Voting for this conference will close at 5pm EST, September 21. Feel free to discuss your selections or any encounters with a feral Nicolas Cage in the comments section below. Comments have been disabled on the ballot pages in order to keep discussion confined to one place.

Start 'er up!