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Can't Sleep Charity — The Charity Half Of The Gossip Girl Marathon

What charity, you ask? Any one you care about!

Friends! I am going to attempt to watch all of Gossip Girl without sleeping. I expect to live through this, but I do not expect to emerge the same person. Don't let me die watch hours and hours of quality television in vain. Donate to charity! Which charity is entirely up to you, I only ask that it be something you care about and that it be an actual charity.

One additional favor: Forward me whatever receipt or proof of donation you get ( so I can keep a running total of how much people have given. Feel free to delete or obscure any information you don't want to share.

If you include your address and you've donated at least $10, I will send you a Gossip Girl postcard, featuring custom artwork AND custom haikus related to the show. Last time around, for the Dawson's Creek marathon, it ended up looking like this. If you also include your twitter handle in the email, I'll be happy to tell everyone what a wonderful person you are.

To recap: Donate to any charity you like, forward the receipt to me ( and let my coming madness do some good in this world. As always you can stay tuned to things here at Progressive Boink, or follow along on Twitter (@sorryeveryone). Let's do something fun together.