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Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Episode 97: With Great Power Comes Great Tacos

The consuming of tacos fast approacheth; with it comes discussion of RiFF RAFF.

Pete and Bill sit down to discuss some important business. The third annual #DoLoThroDo is just a handful of weeks away. We remind you to prepare your bodies appropriately. Other pressing matters concern the new Lana Del Rey album (and naturally the question of authenticity) and pondering the nature of RiFF RAFF, who is remarkably self-actualized for a non-deity. Come join us. For the night is dark, and full of tacos.

For your full enjoyment, links to things discussed on the podcast:

- The awful looking wafle taco, in example
- Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Taco Brain
- The current DoLoThroDo champion, @philkensaban
- Lana Del Rey, "Kinda Outta Luck"
A bit on the dismal economics of streaming music
- Kitty Pryde ft. RiFF RAFF, "Orion's Belt"
There are actually several Lil' Debbie/RiFF RAFF tracks so have your fill
- Similarly, there are three lean cups you can buy from RiFF RAFF 
- "If I listened to your bitch ass I wouldn't be RiFF RAFF
Pitchfork's Over/Under featuring RiFF RAFF