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108 words about 'Turn Down For What.'

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This one time I heard a song...

a pterodactyl
a pterodactyl
Karen Horton/Flickr

The first time I heard the song I said, "what song is this?" One of my friends informed me that the song was called, "Pterodactyl Walk."  I did not question this. My friends and I, being 30-somethings who are super hip and "with it," determined that a Pterodactyl Walk was, "probably something to do with krumping?" Henceforth, upon hearing the song, we do the Pterodactyl Walk, whereby we would make our arms into little wings and mimic walking with all the authority of a prehistoric flying reptile. Then I found out that the song is actually called, "Turn Down For What?"

So I don’t really like that song anymore.