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Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Episode 42: They Definitely Died of Poison

On this episode, good friend and fitness enthusiast Katherine Spada stops by. This episode was recorded at Denny's.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

On today's episode of Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, we finally bring you the second episode that was recorded at Denny's during the FLAPJACKALYPSE around midnight. Good friend Katherine Spada stopped by and the three held forth about all manner of things, including ballet, how the coroner's office REALLY interacts with the police, an incredibly delayed Black Swan joke, bad tattoos of MMA, mistaking one 50-year-old Hollywood star with another and lots more.

For your full enjoyment, links to things discussed on the podcast:

- On Sandwiches, Fat Sal's Deli
- Bad Tattoos of MMA
- George Roop, Dopey
- Alan Belcher's fat-faced Johnny Cash
- Riding Shotgun with Zach Anner

- Puig Destroyer