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Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Episode 16: The Diaz Brothers of the Star Wars Universe

It's a special request-only episode of Scientific Podcast! Pete and Bill wax poetic about damn near everything.

In this episode, Pete and Bill take some time to answer listener tweets and emails. They kick around the pigskin (players), share their opinions on the upcoming Star Wars movies, discuss the Star Wars franchise in general, take a tangent into Chris Pine and an unstoppable train, opine on 90s Christian music, talk about how hard it is to find ska music in a foreign country, muse about terrible band names and what they mean, reflect on how many tambourines is "too many" and cover the one sure-fire way to make sure Bill hates your band.

For your full enjoyment, links to things discussed in the podcast:

- Jedi Younglings from Clone Wars
- Bill's MXPX Retrospective
- Bill's "Jesus Doesn't Like Your Band"
- Supertones
- The Huntingtons
- Dan Baum's "The Man Who Took My Job"
- Los Estramboticos
- Alex Beaton
- AFI, Answer That and Stay Fashionable
- Mission Creek Festival, Iowa City, Iowa
- Gem Jones
- Mission Creek Spotify playlist