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Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Episode 58: Lou Costello Will Break Your Arm

It's another episode where we talk about writing! Just like it says in the intro!

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Sometimes, Pete and Bill like to talk about writing. Sometimes Bill will run away and talk about it all by himself. This week, Abbott and Costello are discussed, which leads to a lengthy conversation about Lost in Translation, enhanced audio, shooting scripts, the importance of the writing when discussing the visual arts and how to feel like you're a better scriptwriter than you actually are (or maybe not!)

For your full enjoyment, links to things discussed on the podcast:

- The true identity of the Zodiac Killer
- He'll break your arm you say "who's on first"
- Vulture: Theories on the Lost In Translation Whisper
- Chris Eigeman in Kicking and Screaming | Metropolitan | and Barcelona
- The Bling Ring
- CHIKARA, "Ashes"
- Writing With Style
- Robotron