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The Most Watchable Movie Ever Bracket: Voting Begins.

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As promised, here we begin round one of the Most Watchable Movie Ever tournament. I have taken the liberty of prettifying the fairly utilitarian bracket that appeared in yesterday's post. Here it is (as ever, click to expand):
If you'd like to fill out your own bracket, Internet user @beenplumb helpfully provided the Progressive Boink community with a spreadsheet that can be used for such purposes. You can find it here.

Now, on to the voting. We'll begin with the Sam Raimi Conference, recognizing a slapdash mix of adventure and horror films. Each film in this conference will be accompanied by a memorable quote from the movie, as misremembered by your roommate. Voting for this conference will close at 5pm EST, September 20. Feel free to discuss your selections and/or lingering anger at the absence of The Banger Sisters or whatever in the comments below. Comments have been disabled on the ballot pages in order to keep discussion confined to one place.