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Etaurnity: The Latest In Centaur-Themed Young Adult Supernatural Fiction.

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the hottest new trend in young adult supernatural fiction
the hottest new trend in young adult supernatural fiction

The market for supernatural young adult romance novels has skyrocketed in recent years. From vampires to werewolves to zombies to wizards, the 14-to-35 demographic is starved for more and more content all the time. Everyone is searching for the next hot supernatural angle to mine for that next smash hit. Well, fear not, because we've got you covered.

The next hot trend in supernatural young adult romance? One word: centaurs.

We proudly present an excerpt from Maude Chalet's upcoming novel Etaurnity, the first installment in a bold new trilogy.

Louvre chewed on her nails absently, her hair falling into her eyes. Things were just so difficult for her ever since she'd moved to Twin Devils Falls. The snowy little corner of the Midwest was so sleepy and dull, and the overcast grey skies constantly reflected her mood. Now that she lived with her spinster aunt, there was little discussion at home. Sometimes she wished her parents have never died in that car accident. She became vaguely aware that Chastity was saying something.

"Hm?" said Louvre absently, pushing her silken raven locks away from her piercing, ice-blue eyes which everyone said were improbably large.

"I asked if you were going to Skylar's party later," said Chastity, rolling her eyes.

Louvre looked across the cafeteria at the happy group of close-knit jocks and cheerleaders that always seemed to be sitting together. These were the beautiful people, the ones always joined at the hip. She could never understand them, and they could never understand her. Understand what it was like to be an outcast, an outsider. Unstoppably unwanted. She cast her eyes downward and crossed her slender, bare arms over her pert and ample bosom, her unblemished, perfect alabaster skin as smooth as satin.

She looked back at Chastity and frowned, her full and luscious lips pulled downward into a frown that would have been ugly on any face that was less than the perfect aesthetic ideal, which Louvre's face happened to be. "I don't know, Chastity," she said. "I just don't think I would fit in."

Chastity nodded. She understood all too well.

Suddenly, the doors to the cafeteria burst open. Everyone in the room turned to look. The jocks and the cheerleaders all sneered with disdain. Louvre followed their glance to the doorway, which was when she heard the footsteps for the very first time. That was the first time she ever laid eyes on him.

Three figures strode into the cafeteria. The one in the lead was walking with a combined authority and mysteriousness that Louvre wouldn't have dreamed was possible. Clip-clop, went his footsteps. Clip-clop.

"Who is that?" asked Louvre, her voice a barely-audible whisper.

"That's Colt," came Chastity's answer. "And his brothers. They're strange and mysterious. No one knows what their deal is. "

Colt, thought Louvre, her heart racing. She took a closer look. The first thing she noticed about him was his dark eyes, as black as coal and smoldering. Those eyes seemed to contain an unending sadness. He glanced in her direction and she looked away at once, afraid she might die if his eyes met hers. After a moment, Louvre risked another look. Thankfully, he was looking away again, moving with his brothers to a table at the back of the room.

Louvre nervously took in his skin: tan and smooth, drawn taut over his rippling muscles. It was easy to notice his skin, because he wasn't wearing a shirt. Below his navel was another chest, but a horse's chest, rather than a man's. She risked a longer look, aware that it was bordering on a stare. His body was spectacular, almost like two bodies at once: a man's head and torso connected to a horse's body. Four strong, muscular legs ended in glistening hooves that struck the floor with authority. Clip-clop, went the hooves. Clip-clop. There was something different about Colt.


(Story by Bill Hanstock and Kristen Ray)