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Couch Census, June 22nd Update: There Are Nearly 500 Couches In The Entire World.

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I'm such a fool. This happens so often to me. As soon as I think I know everything, the world comes back around and knocks me down to size. In fact, this happened again over the past week: if you'll recall, I announced last Friday that there were 453 couches in the entire world.

And once again, I have egg on my face. More of you came through with reports of previously-undiscovered couches. I hereby, and humbly, update the tally:


If you would like to view all the couch data we have gathered, you may do so by accessing this spreadsheet.

But that isn't all! We have a special treat this week, folks!

Internet subscriber Wes has been kind enough to provide video documentation of a compelling couch phenomenon: the Upstairs Couch. What are these couches? Why are they upstairs? And how did they get there? Well, Internet subscriber Wes can at least answer that last question:

This, for the record, is Couch No. 422 of the tally. These fellows bypassed the staircase entirely, opting instead to situate it atop a moving truck and then pass it across a second-story balcony. Remarkable! Further videos, as well as some thoughts from Wes, are here.

A couple of other miscellaneous notes:

  • Let's remember this week as the Week of the Pull-Out Sofa Bed. I counted several of these. When I was a little kid I always thought these couches were neat -- remind me, and I'll share a story in the comments. Anyway, these couches -- in my experience, at least -- seem to have fallen out of vogue. I feel like 90 percent of these couches in existence today are at least 20 years old. Please, if you have information, share it.
  • Internet subscriber DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver notes that he has a couch in the "anteroom" of his master bedroom. Forgive my language, but what in the holy green Heck is an "anteroom"? Is it a room inside a room? Extraordinary. If someone could explain this, I would be forever grateful.

And that will do it, friends. 495 couches! That's a TON of couches. I believe we have counted every couch in the land by this point ... but if we haven't, of course, notify us in the comments below, as well as any information about said couch(es) that you would like to share. If we find still more couches, I will be further humiliated, but that is a small price to pay for a thorough and accurate tally of couches. God bless you all.

For further adventures in couch-counting, check out our Couch Census section.