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Lunch Judgment, Week 9: Tell Us About Your Lunch.

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In the absence of judgment, there is no reason to eat food. Tell me about your lunch, and I will rate it from one to ten.

A couple notes: first, happy Yom Kippur to all y'all observing today. We will miss you during today's LUNCH JUDGMENT, and I certainly hope you come back to join us next week.

Second: over on the mothership today, I'm working on a story on QWOP. Whether you know what QWOP is or not, I would be delighted if you would click here and complete this survey. If you have a couple minutes to spare, thank you in advance!

OK, then. My lunch: Jimmy John's. No. 9, hold the mayo, add cherry peppers. A pickle. A bottle of Pellegrino. This was a lunch of haste, because I have run out of groceries and Jimmy John's is two blocks from my house. It is not a spectacular lunch; however, I rate it a 7 on account of the Pellegrino. It's a dang shame more fast food establishments don't sell it.

Now let's hear about yours. Leave a comment below describing the lunch you ate or are eating today. I will then, time permitting, rate it from 1 to 10 and attempt to explain my rationale. I can't promise I'll get to every one, but I'll judge as many as I can.

So, friend: what's on your plate today?