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Lunch Judgment: Tell Us About The Lunch You Had Or Are Having Today.

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i am the slaw
i am the slaw

It is currently lunchtime for much of the Progressive Boink audience. All sorts of folks eat all sorts of different lunches. So what did you have for lunch?

No, really, tell us in the comments. Describe your lunch, and feel free to say whatever you'd like about it. I will then rate your lunch on a scale of 1 to 10. (If you have not yet had lunch, feel free to describe the lunch you are planning to eat, if you have thought that far ahead.)

BEWARE! I am not a mean-spirited judge, but I am certainly one without bias, and if I deem your lunch crappy, I will not hesitate to say so. If you're worried about having your feelings hurt -- say, if your significant other thoughtfully packed your lunch for you and you won't be able to handle criticism of said lunch, you should probably recuse yourself from these proceedings.