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The Saddest Bucket List Entries.

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Everyone's got a bucket list. Even if you don't actively have a bucket list that you maintain or write down or anything, everyone has at least one thing that they would really love to do before they die. Some people have much more leeway to accomplish these life goals, of course. Every day of Billy Crystal's life is just one long bucket list and he keeps just adding new stuff to it when he gets bored. "I'd like to have a major league at-bat for my 60th birthday!" he chuckles on a whim, and Brian Cashman flips a table over trying to get him a contract as fast as possible.

After the jump, I've assembled some of the saddest bucket list items I can think of. These are all meant to be stand-alone, but if you can stand it, imagine that these are all on one person's bucket list for maximum sads.

- Finally try pepper-jack cheese on a Chili's burger. (Note to self: stock up on Pepto beforehand LOL!)

- Try tennis socks

- See what all the fuss is about with The Beautician & the Beast

- Own a wristwatch

- Try every flavor of Hot Pocket

- Win a game of Tic-Tac-Toe

- Find out if there's something to make breath fresher

- Get tattoo of "Malcolm in the Middle" logo

- Figure out what sound a cat makes

- See what eggs taste like

- Finally take that trip to Provo

- Learn all the lyrics to "Bawitdaba"

- Wear a baseball cap back-ways (Lookin' smooth, captain!)