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Hey Jerks, It's Us.

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Welp, we finally sold out, just like we always dreamed we would. After over eight years of existence, Progressive Boink has finally adopted a traditional blog format. (Don't worry, you can still visit the old Progressive Boink here.)

Jon's company, SB Nation, has been gracious enough to allow us to become the first non-sports site on the network, and we think you'll really like the new setup. On the right, you'll see a section for "FanPosts". These are blog posts you can write, and that other people can comment on. Feel free to treat them like a forum. Post whatever you want. (If it's terribly explicit or shitty, or if we're tired of you, we might delete it.)

As for the main column: we plan on posting fun stuff, and a lot of it. Jon, B, and Kyle are running the show, and your other favorite Progressive Boink pals will be around too.

It probably seems strange that we're overhauling everything after having a perfectly nice Mike Fireball-designed website and not having done much of anything with it in five years. We still intend to be the Calvinball of websites -- always trying to do stuff that hasn't been done yet -- we're just doing so in a format in which things are easier to read and write.

So we hope you register, and comment, and etc. Hope you like. We've missed y'all.