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Tell me about your lunch. I will judge it.

Welcome, friends, to this week's installment of LUNCH JUDGMENT.

Here, once again, is the drill: in the comments below, describe the lunch you ate today or yesterday. Try to be more descriptive, if you can, than, "I ATE PIZZA." I will then come around and, time permitting, rate your lunch between 1 and 10. I will also do my best to explain my ruling.

I'll start. Today I ate what most of us would call a "breakfast," were it eaten a few hours earlier: four scrambled eggs and a glass of grapefruit juice. It wasn't very lunch-y. It was very delicious. There are many things I do not know, but I do know that spending five minutes stirring a scrambled egg over low heat is worth it a dozen times over. The result is what you see above. It was a bit simple and one-dimensional. I will still award myself a 7.5.

Your turn!

Friend, what did you have to eat for lunch today or yesterday?