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Your worthless no-count friend texts you ideas for weekend plans.

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God, why are you even friends with this guy?

y'all wanna come over watch This Old House & get stoned

i was thinking about maybe having an egg cooking party

laptop puppet show come 1 come all! gonna open and close laptops like a mouth like they're talkin. bring yr laptop

y'all wanna go to Krogers and see what the weirdest place to stand in is. shotty kart korral

waterbed drainin party! bring a hose. i got natty boh and elephant man on dvd

where you at right now? got 5 hour energy and a pack of 1989 fleer lets rage

got an idea for a video game where your a bumblebee and got to make friends with other bumblebees. HELP ME PLAN

want to watch Dexter

y'all wanna wear too many layers of clothing and go to tj maxx and walk around

y'all wanna get drunk & think about fievel goes west? NO FIGHTING