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Tell me about your lunch. I will judge it.

Welcome once again, friends and neighbors, to LUNCH JUDGMENT. If you're new here, this is the deal:

1. You leave a comment below, telling me about your lunch.

2. Time permitting, I will then rate your lunch between 1 and 10, and do my best to explain my rationale.

3. You will accept this judgment as absolute and objectively accurate.

I'll start: as I often do, I had some stir-fried broccoli, celery, and pork that I ate with red quinoa. I also applied soy sauce and Huy Fong's chili garlic sauce, which is one of the greatest condiments in existence. This lunch is an 8.5. We will see whether you can do better. Most of you will not, I reckon, but let's hear it.

Friend, what did you have for lunch?