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The Most Watchable Movie Bracket: Wildcard Round.

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Some movies are good. Others are watchable. Herein, the quest to find the most watchable of them all.

Ready or not, here comes the boom. We're heading into the final stretch, and now things are about to get more interesting. I'd mentioned in earlier rounds that wildcards were likely. Before we settle on a final Sweet 16 to carry this thing to the end, let's introduce those wildcards. Here's how it's going to work:

In the poll below, consisting of the tentative top 16 picks following last week's votes, select the least watchable movie of the lot. Then, in the comments below or in a tweet to @pboink or @dalykyle, tell me what movie you would want to take its place. Each Internet User can only pick one wildcard nomination, so choose wisely. Depending on poll results, between two and four movies currently in the top 16 will be dropped from competition and replaced with the wildcard picks with the greatest popular support. To quote Adam Sandler's character in the unjustly overlooked Rob Schneider vehicle The Animal, you can do it.