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A statement from Jon regarding his web tools comments

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Friday, Jon posted a tweet about web tools that sparked controversy and confusion. Here is his statement on today's developments.

Boris Streubel

Earlier today, I was using a web tool, and I found it fit to issue a comment.

Of course, today is not Web Tools Wednesday, which we celebrate each Wednesday. Immediately, my tweet was met with complaints from many of my readers.

Following this negative response, I took a short break from tweeting as I worked to collect my thoughts and prepare some sort of response. This afternoon, I am ready to offer that response.

I have long said that although Web Tools Wednesday may be a Wednesday-only observation, I effort to celebrate web tools every day and in every way. From simple web tools such as online calculators and calendars, to more advanced web tools such as photo editors and analytics software, web tools ABSOLUTELY have a place in our everyday lives.

I have also remained consistent in my advocacy for making Web Tools Wednesday personal. I will never attempt to police how you choose to celebrate -- or not celebrate -- Web Tools Wednesday, and in kind, I request that you not call into question how I choose to experience, observe, and comment on the web tools I happen to use each day. I find many web tools to be wonderful resources. That is a principle I will NEVER back down from.

However, I understand that tweeting on web tools outside of Web Tools Wednesday may have caused some confusion among readers and fellow celebrants. I regret this misunderstanding, and I can't wait to celebrate the next Web Tools Wednesday with each and every one of you.

Let's make this coming Wednesday the best Web Tools Wednesday yet.

- Jon