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Up Dawson's Creek: For charity

Don't let me suffer four days of Dawson's Creek for no reason.

Friends, I am training hard for the upcoming Dawson's Creek Marathon. (If you're unfamiliar, the short of it is starting January 1 ! I'm attempting to watch the entire run of Dawson's Creek in one sitting.) This is a daunting task, and I'd be shining you on if I said I wasn't scared. It is with that in mind that I am asking you to make my task worth doing by donating to charity.

Rather than your standard charity drive for one particular charity, I'd like you to just donate to some organization that's important to you while I keep a cumulative total. I'm going to borrow some words from Jon Bois, who once pulled a similar stunt for an episode of Breaking Madden.

1. Give as little as a dollar, or as much as you want, to the charity of your choosing. Since I don't represent any particular charity, I can't suggest any specific organization. I just encourage you to donate to any cause that compels you. (No political donations, please.)

2. Usually, a charity will send you an email after you submit a donation. Forward this email to This email will not be seen by anyone but me, but still, I encourage you to look over and delete any information in the email that you decide is none of my dang business -- perhaps your full name, the amount donated, any sort of donor identification number, et cetera.

While point No. 2 stands, I encourage you to include your Twitter handle, if you have one, so I can let everyone know what a stellar human being you are. Should you also include a mailing address, I have the following rewards in line:

- Anyone who donates at least $15 will get a postcard, featuring custom Dawson's Creek artwork by an honest-to-goodness professional illustrator. It will also feature a haiku about Dawson's Creek. If you have a specific character, scene, etc you'd like your haiku to be about, please say so and I will do my best.

- Anyone who donates at least $25 will get a postcard with a haiku and a zine, featuring anything I can manage to write about Dawson's Creek. I wouldn't be surprised if it includes deep reflections on the nature of teenage heartbreak, or a short piece about President Pacey and his good-looking but emotionally volatile cabinet. Really, I have no idea where this marathon is going to take me.

To recap: Donate to any charity you like, forward the receipt to me ( and let my coming madness do some good in this world. As always you can stay tuned to things here at Progressive Boink, or follow along on Twitter (@sorryeveryone). Let's do something fun together.