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Progressive Boink's Week In Review: July 16th-20th.

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32-year-old Sharon from Branson, MO, forgot to check Progressive Boink for an entire week and missed out on several posts. The next day, she was hit by a train! Here's a handy list to get you all caught up.

Story Of Intrigue: Breaking/Bad. Kyle's Stories of Intrigue project -- in other words, fiction written by the dumbest guy in a JuCo English class -- moved on to Breaking Bad. "Walter Breaking was a teacher, but he really was a geniuos of every last one of the science's: Chemistry, Space, Math, and Grab Bag."

Fuck You, Buster Sales: Training At Blockbuster Video In The 1990s. By pure coincidence, years before meeting at Progressive Boink and writing together, Kyle and B worked at the exact same Blockbuster Video. Here, B remembers his time there, and the God-awful training video he suffered.

Revisiting The 2002 RadioShack Catalog. Jon continued the "crappy things from crappy jobs we used to have" trend by flipping through a 10-year-old RadioShack product catalog. It's as weird and bad as you are probably expecting.

Old And All Alone: A 20th Anniversary MxPx Retrospective. MxPx, everyone's favorite Christian-but-just-barely pop-punk band, has somehow been around for 20 years now. Bill pays them the tribute they deserve. RESPONSIBILITAY UNDERSTANDAAAAAYNG

The Saddest Bucket List Entries. Man, we all had fun with this one. Bill kicked it off with entries such as "own a wristwatch" and "figure out what sound a cat makes." Y'all took off from there with, "use a blender," "go five miles over the speed limit on an Atlanta freeway," and "recommend Tulsa."

The Dark Knight Rises, Rotten Tomatoes, And The GIVE ME WHAT I WANT Culture. There are many perpetual themes that run through Progressive Boink, one of which is, "people are fucking idiots." Here's Kyle on the death threats sent to film critics who might not like The Dark Knight Rises.

Couches! Everyone, Bill bought a couch. Help us celebrate!

Arbitrary Friday List: 15 Best Colors Based On Their Hypothetical Top YouTube Comment. This is instantly one of my favorite things that's been on Progressive Boink since we came back. B's the greatest.