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Presenting: Jon's End Zone Bar & Grill.

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Jon has come up with plans for "Jon's End Zone Bar & Grill," a sports bar where every customer is the MVP. Help us come up with a slogan!

Hi, everyone. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that lately, I've been conceptualizing an idea for a sports bar. Well, I've been thinking about it some more, and I'm finally ready to share my plans for this establishment.

It's going to be called Jon's End Zone Bar & Grill. That might seem like an odd name for a sports bar ... which is EXACTLY what I'm hoping for! A funny name like this one ought to turn a few heads, and just might draw a few people in the door, curious to figure out what the heck this restaurant is all about.

The name -- in case you've been living in a cave all these years! -- is, of course, a nod to that spot on the field where every football player finds himself after scoring the game-winning touchdown. Likewise, after deciding on THE perfect place to hang out and watch the big game, I would like customers to feel like they've scored a "touchdown" of their own!

So far, I've draw up the floor plan, sign, and menu.

1. Floor plan


I put the tables in random places because I haven't decided how to arrange them just yet. I want to make sure that folks at the tables have a good few of at least one TV.

2. Sign


I haven't quite settled on the slogan I want to print on the sign. That one is just a placeholder.

3. Menu

A thoughtfully-organized menu can make or break a restaurant. That's why I have divided my menu up into sections for different categories.

Page 1:


Page 2:


Page 3:


Page 4:


Of course, there's still a lot to work out. Before I open for business, this is my to-do list:

  • Get silverware
  • Get plates and bowls
  • Hire chefs
  • Get beer mugs

For now, though, I'm just trying to come up with a good slogan. This is where you come in! Please vote on one of the slogans below: