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Did you eat a lunch? Tell us about it. I, Jon, will judge you.

Hi, friends, and welcome to another installment of LUNCH JUDGMENT! We've been doing this for three months now. So many lunches. I'm so glad that you have been eating food.

If you're new here, this is the drill: you leave a comment below that describes the lunch you ate/are eating today. (NOTE: since this installment of LUNCH JUDGMENT was originally slated to run Wednesday, you are allowed to report Wednesday's lunch if you would like.) I will then, time permitting, respond to your comment with a 1-through-10 rating, and try my best to explain my rationale.

If it looks as though I have skipped you in the order, this is not the case: due to the nature by which comments show up, it can sometimes look as though you've been skipped. Simply refresh, and you should see that the comments are indeed in the correct order.

Ahem. I'll start: I picked up a Cobb salad from Joe Davola's, a sandwich establishment a couple blocks down the street. You can see it in the photo above. Of course, a Cobb salad is a low-ceiling sort of enterprise. I rate this a 6.5. Functional, unambitious, satisfactory.

Wasn't that an exciting lunch? Well, now it's your turn.

Friend, what did you have/are you having for lunch today/yesterday?