Scientific Podcast Goes Boink

Episode 82: A Two-Bible Hotel Room

Gumbo! Beignets! Jazz! It can only be one thing: the Big Apple!

Episode 81: Henry Rollins Is Tiny

In which Muppets Most Wanted discussion happens. Because it's us.

Episode 80: Speaking Of Enterprise Sexytimes

Star Trek and New Yorker cartoons. One of these is a thing everyone needs.

Episode 79: A Lady Got On The News

Julie returns! Learn about Montreal and butts with us.

Episode 78: Nazis Clean Up At This Thing

Stefanie Turner joins us to talk Oscars. And Girl Scout cookies.

Episode 77: The Garden State Episode

After weeks of hype, the Garden State episode is finally here! Amy Nicholson joins us for MAXIMUM FILM DISCUSSION.

Episode 76: The Worf On Wall Street

Oh, snap. It's a surprise bonus OSCARS EDITION of the podcast!

Episode 75: I Am A Powerful Wizard

It's like my daddy always told me: tap mana twice, cast once.

Episode 74: It's Very Cool To Smoke

In which cereal is discussed.

Episode 73: I Contain Multitudes (Of Hotdogs)

Sometimes we like to talk about what YOU want us to talk about. This is one of those times.


Episode 72: If I Claim To Care About People

Things get a little earnest this week, with discussions on trans* portrayals and separating artists from their actions.

Episode 71: I Don't Care When You Are

In this episode, we discuss "Looper" and "Primer." Spoilers for those movies if you haven't seen them.

Episode 70: Help, I've Started Watching SOA

Wherein we discuss Season Six of Sons of Anarchy. Spoilers abound.

Episode 69: I Didn't Know You Had A Father

Dads: gotta have 'em. It's time to talk about fathers!

Episode 68: One Behatted Figure, One Cactus

It's a new year. We took it upon ourselves to take Woody Guthrie down a peg or two.

Episode 67: Darth Vader Is His Own Man

In which stories are told of being young and looking at pretty ladies.

Ep. 66: I Could Look At Taye Diggs For A Long Time

We've been doing this for a year now. Thanks for being there.

Episode 65: A Dog Made Us Toast

It's the week after Thanksgiving. We're too full of food.

Episode 64: Mobute 3: This Time It's Dictatorial

It's Thanksgiving week, so it's only appropriate that we help ourselves to thirds.

Episode 63: Ham Is The Least Meat

We decided to take requests! It ended up being a lot of fun.

Episode 62: Taylor Swift is a Sociopath

Country music is a strange beast. Luckily, Tay-Tay is here to guide us through the darkness.

Episode 61: No, That's For Children

Let's go to the happiest place on Earth! Aurally.

Episode 60: The Slimmest Jims

It's time to talk about all sorts of foods. Because we say so, that's why.

Episode 59: The Rules

It's Pete's birthday! Here are his rules.

Episode 58: Lou Costello Will Break Your Arm

It's another episode where we talk about writing! Just like it says in the intro!

Episode 57: Taco Brain

It's the aftermath of #DoLoThroDo. We are all clogged full of sodium.

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