How To Stop Death Threats Against Athletes On Twitter

Ever since I started writing articles at SB nation just a few short weeks ago, I have experienced first hand what internet nerds, bloggers and yes even sports fans alike refer to as trolling. Trolling is a process whereby a random reader or viewer of your content online chooses to tell you why your content sucks and why it doesn’t meet their journalistic or video viewing standards, even though most of those trolls have never written anything or done anything themselves to provide entertainment to folks like you and me. Most of them are in their mid to late 30s and 40s and have never actually accomplished anything themselves that is worth any value… No offense to anyone in the 30s and 40s that is not a troll… thanks for your support! Please tell some of your colleagues to get their heads out of their asses and stop living under a bridge! If you want quality content stop googling free stuff and pay for your local newspaper you cheap little troll!

Now that I’ve had a chance to vent and speak out on behalf of all the aspiring sports journalist who post on SB Nation sites it’s time to get a little more serious and talk about people who have big balls on Twitter but lack them in the real world AKA sports fans who threaten death…

We need to talk about it because over the weekend Joshua Morgan of the Washington Redskins, a native of DC no less, received death threats after he threw a football at St. Louis Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan and took a penalty for it, costing the Redskins the game. Not to mention that Morgan was initially the player who caught the ball in the first place and originally put the Redskins in field goal range in the first place.

Something tells me nobody would have sent Morgan death threats had he dropped the pass in the first place and never reached the point of being penalized, but because every threatening fan out there seems to have more self-control over their anger than Morgan it’s like they have the right to say whatever they want… because clearly fans who have nothing better to do than to post death threats on Twitter are taking the right approach to anger management!...pffttt…

Throughout all this trash talk in the Twitterverse, have these haters forgotten that Finnegan is considered one of the dirtiest players in the NFL and that he once got his ass kicked by Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson? Finnegan is the type of player you would love to have on your team but hate to play against so I don’t blame Morgan for losing his cool and you shouldn’t either (I’m not a Redskins fan by the way, but the man deserves some slack).

Of course the recent death threats against Morgan are just one of a handful that have occurred over the past year in sports. In basketball Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Blake got a slew of them after missing a big shot against Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA playoffs, Kyle Williams of the San Francisco 49ers was threatened after dropping a punt in the NFC Championship game last season that cost his team a trip to the Super Bowl, and then there is Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward, who eliminated the Boston Bruins from the playoffs last season and was hounded with racist remarks just because he happens to be African-American.

That last example in particular goes to show you that there really is no winning when it comes to stupid idiot trolls who have nothing better to do than to intimidate people through their computer. Perhaps there is a price to pay if you are an athlete who’s trying to brand yourself and push your business exploits on your fans using social media, but going after an athlete and saying they should die or that their family should go to hell, or wishing any kind of ill will on people like that whatsoever is despicable.

What I think we should do is line up these average Joe’s against athletes just like on Spike TV except instead of competing using a hockey puck, a football or basketball, the athletes should be allowed to hurl their ball or puck of choice at the so-called fans while the rest of us watch at home and call it the latest craze in reality television. Or better yet, we should give these trolls a taste of their own medicine and make websites that are dedicated to exposing them. Some name ideas for these potential sites just off the top of my head include:, (maybe if we make it non-for-profit athletes will join in and make public service announcements?) or my personal favorite…WhoGivesAF***AboutTrollsWho’ (not sure if GoDaddy allows that many characters in a domain name).

I’m sure some of these types of sites already exist and people out there should go out and give them more traction by contributing and looking for these trolls, exposing them to the world. For now I’d ask that you please stop trolling athletes if you’re one of the people that do and even though I’m not one please don’t troll me either. If you do I’ll be the Andre Johnson to your Cortland Finnegan Sucka!!!...but only as much as hiding behind my Macbook will allow me to be.

If you would like to follow more of the sports stuff that I have been doing, you can follow me on Twitter @jackchoros.

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