AFL: 15 Best Colors Based On Their Hypothetical Top YouTube Comment

Over the last few weeks, the Arbitrary Friday List has covered everything from popular culture to The Holy Bible and everything inbetween, so I wanted to stop alienating people and write about something we can all enjoy: colors.

The enjoyment of color (or specific colors) is highly subjective, so instead of ranking my favorite colors (royal blue, forest green) I've arranged them based on the number of Thumbs Up they got on YouTube. To do this, I am pretending that colors can be uploaded to YouTube, and that people on the Internet would observe and react to these colors as they would a collection of various colors mashed together into moving pictures.

If you have a favorite color (or a constructive comment on any of the colors featured), please utilize our comments section. Enough about comic books, boys ... it's time we talk about something important!


1. Red

YouTube user 'Blueliever' -

I would have no problem with this color if it wasnt #1 on youtube. I would just say yeah i dont like this color. I belive that colors like blue, grey (real name of "gray"), or hell, taupe instead of some infinite year old color that went onto the page and started looking like a chick...


2. Yellow

YouTube user 'IsabellineIceterine' -

thumbs up if your looking at the color yellow in 2012


3. Mauve

YouTube user 'OsambaBinPresidentin' -

Moron, Insane Hussein Osamba LOCKED UP all of his Paper work and won't let anyone see them...Uhhh Duh Ass Hole!!!!!!

Insane Hussein Osamba is a Lying Marxist Muslim Dictator that Hates America!!!!!

All the People that have made their own successful Business are not suppose to be Proud of what they have done, and that is what Osamba had said!!!!

Yep Osamba had to be a Citizen of Indonesia to go to their Public Muslim School Ass Hole!!!!!

And that is from an Indonesian Citizen, wake Up Moron!!!!


4. Blue

YouTube user 'colorem68'

For the hardcore fan like me, youve put a smile on my dial as these are truly some of the best shades blue ever had.


5. Orange

YouTube user 'GayWilliamsJohnson' -

nah they're all like that you f*ggit


6. Green

YouTube user 'd00dFrumCl00' -

so cute lol


7. Black

YouTube user 'lifaslf202020xx' -

It is quite horrific when one think of the fate that awaits George Zimmerman in prison. Unfortunately US prisons are divided along racial lines. I suspect that there will many black criminals who will like to get a piece of poor George, both physically and for the more insane, sexually. GZ will be raped in prison. GZ instead of chilling in the Florida sunshine with his lovely wife, will be forced at knifepoint to hand out sexual favours to the most depraved of men. Oh George why did you shoot?


8. Gray

YouTube user 'Fat Guy Into The Undertaker' -



9. White

YouTube user 'Jimmy8675309' -

Can someone confirm for me, is she rubbing his dick at 2:50


10. Silver

YouTube user 'TheStreakWSC' -

How is this any different than gray? Just because you put some blue in it doesn't make it a different color. Why don't you do something better with your time and stop uploading shitty colors to YouTube


11. Teal

YouTube user 'CharlentHornets' -

My favorite part is when it's teal.


12. Violet

YouTube user '1235Grimmest'

Thumbs up if Carl Sagan sent you here.


13. Pink

Tied at 264 thumbs up each:

YouTube user 'DansonLikeMarionet' -

The majority does not decide "normal." "Normal" is a subjective word. Your definition of normal is not another person's definition of normal. Neither does normal mean good. Normal has no good or bad connotations. In some cultures, it's normal to force children to marry or to chop off one's hand for stealing.

Oh, and the Bible has no place in ruling the lives of those who don't follow it.

YouTube user 'sandalwood' -



14. Peach

YouTube user 'ClickHereForHotPix' -

sorry mario but you're princess is in aother castle!! CLICK HERE FOR HOT PIX


15. Brown

YouTube user DeepakChopra:


For more rankings of things you half-remember, check out our Arbitrary Friday List section.

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