Memo: Gordon Ramsay's Next Hell-themed Project with FOX

TO: Colin Steele, Development Producer, OnePotatoTwoPotato Productions.

CC: Gordon Ramsay

FROM: Kevin Reilly, Entertainment President, FOX Broadcasting.

RE: Gordon Ramsay's Next Hell-themed Project with FOX.

Dear Colin,

First, let me say again how super-duper excited we are for the upcoming premier of Hotel Hell on FOX this Summer. If Hotel Hell is half the success that Hell's Kitchen is, we're all going to be very, very happy. And rich. Richer than we already are. Which is very, very rich.

With that in mind, it's time to begin work on the next partnership between FOX and Chef Gordon. We've brainstormed a few show ideas, and think that any of them would be a great follow-up to Hell's Kitchen and Hotel Hell. Take a look and let us know what you think:

  • Devil's Aggregate - Gordon whips a team of staid statisticians into shape with an adjunct professor job at MIT up for grabs.
  • Lucifer's Lunch Room - Each week, Gordon takes over an unruly school cafeteria and gets the little brats to sit down, shut up and eat a perfectly cooked Beef Wellington.
  • Hell's Angels - Gordon steps in to save cash and congregation-poor churches teetering on the brink of closing.
  • Seed Demons - Gordon helps destitute farmers go from barren to boffo!
  • Devil's Comedy Jam - Gordon teaches a bunch of jokers the harsh realities of the stand-up comedy circuit.
  • Beelzebub's Ball Room - Gordon helps hoofers with two left feet learn to waltz, tango, and Lindy Hop.
  • Hades Home Journal - Gordon writes a magazine. Every word of it.
  • Yell Diablo - Gordon enters the cutthroat world of professional yodeling. Prize: TBD.
  • Old Scratch's DJ Camp - Gordon takes up-and-coming hip hop artists under his wing and gets them to unlock their dopest beats.
  • Pur-Goal-Tory - Lifelong soccer player and fan Gordon Ramsay coaches failing football clubs all over the world. The winning team becomes the latest MLS expansion franchise.
  • Satan's Car Wash - Gordon berates people as they wash cars.
  • Meth-istopheles - Gordon helps save the life of one lucky junkie by calling him names until he agrees to go to rehab.
  • Development Hell - Gordon Ramsay takes rejected show ideas out of the Fox trash bins and turns them into hits by adding Gordon Ramsay.

Can't wait to hear what you think, you donkey!



PS: I wasn't really calling you or Gordon a "donkey." But that's what he calls people. When he yells at them. Please don't be mad at me.

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